118 – The Downside Up


I think it’s finally time we talk about the hit show Stranger Things in vague ways that mostly keeps everything spoiler free. Sorry to have taken so long getting to this, but I am thrilled to be doing it now. I suppose it was just one of those things that kept flying under our radar despite being loved by nearly everyone including us. You can look forward to the sharing of any complaints we had with the first two seasons while we aggressively praised everything else. Heck even some of the missteps had their own upside. It really is a great show.

Also it’s worth mentioning that we should have spent that time writing for the video game our good friend Tim is developing. That was supposed to happen. Instead we strong armed him into recording this episode and completely canceled our weekly meeting. Podcasts are bad for productivity and society.

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Hello folks, welcome to December.
This episode finds us joined by our good friend, Tim, to discuss everyone’s favorite Netflix Original, Stranger Things!
(Note to Josh: Perfect Strangers Things. Is there anything there? Something, something Demi-Balki? No?)
Anyway, it’s a good episode! Make sure to stay for the whole thing because that’s the way to listen to podcasts. What are you, some kind of an animal that only listens to the first 15 minutes?
See you in two weeks! And in a month, it’ll be time for another ATWW tradition: The 2017 Best of the Year Award Show!



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Topics mentioned: Stranger Things, E.T., Super 8, Dungeons & dragons, Nightmare on Elm Street, Aliens, Firestarter, Terminator 2

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  1. Matthew Dodge says:

    Stranger Things Are Always Sunny in Philadelphia?

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