073 – Unstoppable Force


Oh man we talk up a storm on this one. Star this, and Wars that. It’s disgusting really. We just go on and on about this one movie with no regard for your time or possible plans. Half hour episode? Not today. Trying to avoid spoilers? Come back later. It’s time to discuss the most successful movie franchise of all time.

Also in honor of this being a longer episode I have decided to make the post smaller. It’s not about being lazy, and I can prove it by taking this nap . . .


What’s better than a new Star Wars movie?
A *good* new Star Wars movie!
And what’s better than that?
An episode of A Trouble with Words *about* that Star Wars movie!
This is that episode!
It’s a little longer than usual, so I hope none of you complain about getting extra content for free, cause that’d be a dick move on your part. A real dick move.
See you next time!



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2 Responses to 073 – Unstoppable Force

  1. Erin says:

    My comment is also spoilery, so you’ve been warned, random readers.

    The lightsaber fight between Rey and Kylo Ren I felt was very true to Rey’s character (earth splitting aside.) You see in the start of the movie that she’s adept with using her quarterstaff for defense and as a weapon. She uses the lightsaber in much the same way – making jabs like she would with the quarterstaff instead of the more “elegant” swordplay type fighting we saw with Luke. She looked very much like someone using a weapon she’d never used before, but determined to not let this bad guy get the best of her. And many of the lightsaber movements are similar to that of a quarterstaff anyway.

    I don’t think she’s Luke’s daughter, but I like your theory about her being related to the emperor or something.

    Also I read a theory online about Kylo Ren and his goons and the ewoks that made me very sad. The theory made a lot of sense though (unfortunately.)

  2. Really? Ewoks? I need to find that!

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