067 – Terminoters the Sequel


I’ve talked about this before and I’m going to keep talking about it. I love time travel movies. So when I heard there was a new Terminator film and that it was filled with complicated almost Back to the Future like stories that included essentially visiting the previous movies in the series, I was really excited. I mean sure the lead returning action star was close to 70 years of age and seemed shoehorned into this film, but so what? I was optimistic. Find out what we thought of it and more in this episode! Also be careful because our conversation does contain spoilers.

Oh and speaking of Back to the Future, here’s some fun relevant trivia. On October 21, 2015 (6 days from now) it will be the exact date that Doc and Marty arrived in the future. Crazy right? Well not as crazy as how good those movies were at predicting the outcomes of sports. Biff while looking through a sports almanac says “Florida is going to win the World Series in 1997, yeah right“. The film came out in 1987, ten years before the Marlins did actually win the world series. And what’s really weird is that Florida didn’t even have a baseball team yet. Need more? Back to the Future 2 showed a news report that indicated the Cubs had won the world series in 2015. Currently the Cubs are having a great season despite famously not doing well. They just advanced to the American League championship series. So yeah.

Lets just hope the Terminator franchise is less accurate in predicting the future . . .


Hello Folks, it’s that time again! Time to jump into another episode of everyone’s favorite podcast (“favorite”) A Trouble with Words! Listen in as we Terminate the newest film in a franchise that will not die, Terminator Genysys… Gynisis… Genisys… The new one.
This episode also features a returning guest who can’t help but make every story a Long story, Martin Long!



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