066 – Like a Rocket


I’m not a sports guy. I don’t watch games on television or know much of anything about how they work. So take it with a grain of salt when I say that Rocket League is the best sports game I’ve ever experienced. It perfectly captures what it feels like to play one in person as opposed to trying to recreate footage from ESPN. Also it’s pretty much taking the world by storm. Join as we discuss that and a few other games that we’ve been playing.

Also this episode is a stupid Skype episode. I hate it. It sounds like turds on a chalkboard, and releasing it is an attack on our standards. It was filled with audio distortions that I spent hours trying to correct, only to just barely succeed in making something that is actually audible. I’m sorry. Obviously the content continues to be perfection but still. Please forgive us and we’ll make it up to you next time. Probably.

Thanks for listening and for making the social network rounds by liking all of our stuff! You make me want to be a better podcaster.


We’ve mentioned before how much we hate Skype episodes. They’re always low-energy, and just not as much fun to record. Unfortunately, sometimes we have no choice, and have to make do with what we have available to us. This fortnight’s episode is one of those ‘make-do’ episodes: I’m in Florida for 10 days, for work, and we just couldn’t make our schedules jive enough to facilitate an in-person recording session.
I’d like to thank Josh for editing this episode while I’m out of town – it certainly made my life 1000% easier this week.
I very much look forward to recording our next couple of episodes, sitting across and honest-to-goodness table from my best friend, and co-host. And if no one can find that guy, then I’ll record with Josh. Beggars can’t be choosers.



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