046 – Hail to the King

Slight change of plan. We decided to hold off on the expected subject of PC Gaming Mods until next time, and instead focus on all things Stephen King. We can only hope that it will help a close friend of the show through a difficult time. I mean because sometimes discussing creepy clowns and telekinetic homicidal rages is just the right thing to do. Our thoughts are with you, Matt!

One of the craziest parts of this episode is that we actually talk about books. I do manage to reign Justin in and keep it to a minimum though, so don’t worry about the integrity of the show. Mostly we only discuss the many film and television adaptations of King’s work. In fact there’s so much to cover that I’m sure we’ll be revisiting the subject again many times in the future. The man is still writing more stuff as we speak, and new projects are being adapted all of the time. We’ll always have more to discuss because Stephen King is a limitless resource. Join us next episode and we’ll chat about that thing we promised last time. Love you guys!


So, the more punctual of you will have noticed that the episode didn’t make it up until about 10:00am this morning, instead of Midnight, as is our habit. This is my fault. I had the episode done and uploaded early – around 4pm, yesterday. Sometime between then and 10pm, last night, I managed to forget that I had to actually write something here, so Josh could post the episode and share it on Facebook and Twitter. Well, I went to bed, without a care in the world, and woke up to a string of panicked texts from Josh.
Anyway, here it is, and I hope you like it!
Next episode is all about Josh’s abandoned dreams! (I’m hardly in it at all! (That’s a lie!))
The episode after that is the one you’ve all been waiting for! Our New  Year’s Day, Best of 2014 Extravaganza! I can’t wait!



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